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Road Repairs Underway After Cyclone Debbie’s Damage

At the beginning of April, Cyclone Debbie ravaged eastern Queensland leaving serious damage in its path. The cyclone that had wind speeds of up to 240 mph, downed trees, damaged homes and roads, and caused widespread power outages. The state main roads and road safety minister, Mark Bailey, stated that the Queensland government was making […]

Australia Well on Its Way to Intelligent Transport

Australia is well placed to take advantage of intelligent transport systems (ITS) to boost freight transport efficiency, according to ITS Australia’s Smart Transport for Australia report. The report references last year’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress that was held in Melbourne and says the country has a number of physical, attitudinal and regulatory circumstances […]

Australian Truck Market Celebrates Record Year in 2016

According to the latest statistics from the Truck Industry Council (TIC), 2016 was the best performing year for the Australian trucking industry since it started recovering from the Global Financial Crisis. “There was a total of 32,964 truck and heavy van units sold during the just ended 2016 calendar, 961 units more than 2015’s numbers. […]

Australia’s First Advanced Bio-Fuel Lab Opens in Queensland

The very first advanced green fuels laboratory in Australia is now operational. The laboratory, which is located in Queensland, was opened with help from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and will make it possible for researchers to test and study bio-crude within the country. In a statement released by the Government of Queensland, it was […]

What Is the Future of Australia’s Transport Landscape?

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has come up with four scenarios that show the possible future of Australia’s motoring industry. This has come after the Intelligent Transport System World Congress that was held in Melbourne in October. With projections going as far into the future as 2040, the new papers look at four possible directions […]

Australian Heavy Trucks to be Equipped With Mandatory Stability Control Systems

In a bid to curb the number of traffic accidents involving trucks, the Australian Trucking Association has revealed a plan to introduce Electronic Stability Control, ESC systems in trucks. This was during the Woodflow Optimisation Conference in 2016. The conference, whose subject was mainly timber logistics and harvesting was held in Melbourne. In his message, […]

Australia’s Truck Sales Grow in August From July

While some people might say the Australian economy is headed towards a rough patch, truck sales for the month of August indicated otherwise. The truck industry saw an improved performance in sales, a possible sign that the anticipated stormy waters might still be nowhere as close. Different types of trucks recorded different performances. There was […]

How Far is Australia From a 100 Percent Renewable Energy Transport Sector?

The race to more renewable sources of energy has been picking up pace over the past few years. One of Australia’s most forefront organisations in the climate change arena, Beyond Zero Emissions, is publishing several plans to demonstrate how the different wings of the Australian economy and infrastructure could be changed to be powered by […]

Market Research for the Removalist Industry in Australia

1.0 Overview 1.1. What is the Removalist Industry? Removalists offer relocation services to people and businesses. This may involve packing, transportation, unpacking and arranging the furniture in the new house or office. The move can be made within a city, from city to city, interstate, or even internationally. Although Australia dodged the 2008/9 global financial […]

Freight Transport By Road

The road freight transport industry in Australia is one of the most stable industries in the continent. It helps the whole of Australia in its everyday living and supports a number of workers, as well as their families. What Researchers Say According to the independent and company researchers, it is a fact that as of […]