9 Tips For Effective House Hunting

If you are a first time home buyer, the notion of house hunting can be exciting. It represents the first step to a major positive leap that will affect every aspect of your life. But once you get on the ground and test the waters, you will discover that the process can be confusing if […]

7 Tips For Moving Antiques Safely

Apart from being a stressful ordeal with chaos at every turn, moving house can also be risky for your possessions. It comes with the risk of losing, breaking, scratching, cracking, and denting your property. This might not be a big deal if the item in question is just a chair you got from some random […]

Buying Vs. Renting a House

What if the house you’re planning to buy was actually a bad financial move? What if your numbers could be better if you stayed in a rented home? According to calculations done by the Reserve Bank of Australia, the value of houses has been rising by an average of 2.4% annually (with some locations doing […]

Infographic: Decluttering Your Home

Images courtesy of http://www.brisbaneremovalists.com.au Whatever the reason you feel like decluttering your home is, once you’ve succeeded you’ll feel like a huge weight has been removed – you’ll feel on top of the world! Without realizing, too much clutter around the house can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. 40% of Australians said […]

Your Removalists And You: How Should You Interact to Have the Best Moving House Experience?

You hire a removalist to assist you with the oh-so-stressful task of moving house. To your utter dissatisfaction, the time between contacting the removalists and getting your stuff in your new home is an agonising mini-episode through hell. Naturally, the blame falls on the removalists and they are tagged with all sorts of names from […]