About Us

Your Brisbane Removalists value the importance of earning your trust and exceeding your expectations. As such, we work only with full-time movers who are dedicated to delivering only exceptional professional work.

Hire Brisbane Removalists and expect us to:

  • Be professional at all times – and we mean every time!
  • Show up as scheduled at the place and on the date and time agreed.
  • Communicate with you at all stages of the home, office, or furniture removal.
  • Respect your belongings (big or small!) by handling them with utmost care and diligence.
  • Transport your things and place them where you want them to be.

When you work with Brisbane Removalists, you are allowing only reliable and steadfast people into your work or residential space. Our staff have been trained extensively to meet national standards. Trust us to wrap, transport, and arrange efficiently.

movingCompetitive fixed and hourly rates. Get a FREE quote today!

  • We serve the areas of South East Queensland, including Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and nearby areas.
  • We utilise trucks that are specifically designed for efficient office, home, or furniture removals.
  • Normally, you will be assigned two removalists and one truck for your removal needs.
  • Need more help? Our staff are just a call away if more hands are needed!

With over 8 years doing home and office removals in Brisbane, you can have the peace of mind that:

  • We make sure to transport your valuables carefully.
  • We are mindful of sharp corners.
  • We pay attention to slippery floors.
  • We place your items only where you want us to.

You fully control your moving costs

Please know that you are in full control of the costs of your moving.

You might want to pack your belongings yourself or assist in wrapping them. You might want to take care of transporting some of the items or do the unpacking on your own, either way, Brisbane Removalists are flexible and you will only be charged for the work we have done.

We are with you all throughout the moving process for as long as you want and need us to! Whether it’s for the entire day or just for a couple of hours, you will pay only for the time that you request. No sticking around and doing nothing. We will be as flexible as you need us to. We will assemble your bed, move your furniture around, or hang picture frames or paintings. Your Brisbane Removalists are going to help you as you settle to your new space and entertain this big change.